Online Timber Auction

Welcome to the premier online marketplace for timber sales! 

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How does it work?

You are likely wondering how an online timber auction works. Surprisingly enough, it is beautifully simple and works just like any other auction except the auctioneer engages bidders remotely via their smart phone or tablet.

Sellers consign their timber tracts with Double A Auction & Realty to sell and we sell your tract to buyers just like a live auctioneer would sell cattle at a stockyard, only the forum is an app on the buyer's smartphone . Innovative technology allows the auctioneer to engage the bidder with no regard to his or her location. A timed auction format allows buyers to bid in a specified window of time.  

Bidders download an app and register an account. The auctioneer qualifies and registers the bidders who can then bid on timber tracts remotely via the app on a smartphone or tablet. Once documentation is processed and signatures are secured at the close of the successful auction, funds are transferred and dispersed. 

What do I do if I'm a landowner interested in selling my timber?

If you are a landowner interested in consigning your timber to our monthly auction, call to discuss. I am always available to clarify questions or otherwise further demystify the process. Once we both agree that you will benefit from using the online auction method to sell your timber, I will do some research in public records (i.e. - deed, tax card, tax maps, zoning, preliminary title search, etc.) and schedule a time to come and photograph your timber tract(s). We will coordinate with a forester to develop a prospectus of your timber inventory, as well as to develop an idea of value. Once we have collected all of this information, I will develop a marketing package that will be available online for interested bidders.

From then to auction day, I will be available to coordinate with potential purchasers who may want to see the property or have any other questions. On sale day, I will solicit bids exactly the same way as a traditional live auctioneer until we've come to the highest bid and - SOLD! At the close of the auction, my team will have the purchase agreement documents ready and will secure the proper signatures, and coordinate the transfer of funds to my escrow account. At that point, we will disburse the closing statement and, most importantly, the consignor's funds. Yes, it really is that easy.

To learn more, contact William Austin today.

What do I do if I'm a procurement agent interested in bidding on timber?

If you are a procurement agent and are interested in purchasing timber at our monthly consignment auction, you should first go to and download the app to your smartphone.  Our app is available for both Apple and Android systems, and are free. You will NOT be asked to enter a credit card number or payment information during the registration process, but please do fill out your contact information, and allow push notifications from our app. We will not spam you and that's a promise; however, you will need to allow notifications so that you can receive outbid notices and other important information. Our notifications are the same as a text message and will take you to the correlating auction to allow you to bid again.

Once you have downloaded the app and registered an account, I will be in contact shortly to discuss your registration. In this conversation, I'm looking to verify that you are a legitimate bidder, to learn how we can improve our processes to help you and to answer any questions or issues you may have had during the registration process. We will also discuss how you will be paying for your tract purchases and coordinating that process is much easier and more secure via a phone conversation. Once we have some documentation, we will provide you with terms and conditions, and you will be ready to bid! It's that simple.

And remember, if you have any issues during the registration process, please contact auctioneer William Austin, CEO from the Contact Us link below.