From Assessment to Auction: The Success Story of 90 McArthur Drive, Blackstone

From Assessment to Auction: The Success Story of 90 McArthur Drive, Blackstone

Selling a property can be a complex and daunting process, especially when the owners live out of town and haven't visited the property in years. This was the case with the property at 90 McArthur Drive in Blackstone. The sellers, seeking a quick and efficient sale, reached out to us with a modest assessment of just under $14,000. Little did they know, this sale would turn into one of the most thrilling auctions we've conducted in recent times.

The Challenge

The sellers of 90 McArthur Drive were out-of-town owners who hadn't set foot on the property in years. They wanted a straightforward and hassle-free sale, ideally hoping to secure the assessed value of just under $14,000. Our challenge was to market the property effectively and attract serious buyers who could see the potential in this hidden gem.

Strategic Marketing

Understanding the unique aspects of the property and the current market trends, we developed a comprehensive marketing strategy. This included:

1. **High-Quality Listings**: Professional photographs and detailed descriptions highlighted the property's features.
2. **Online Marketing**: Utilizing social media platforms and real estate websites to reach a broader audience.
3. **Targeted Advertising**: Focusing on potential buyers in and around the Blackstone area who might be interested in a property with such potential.
4. **Open Houses and Virtual Tours**: Ensuring potential buyers could easily view the property, even if they were out of town.

The Auction

The buzz created by our marketing efforts culminated in an auction that was nothing short of spectacular. Bidders from various locations participated, each recognizing the property's potential and eager to secure it. The competitive spirit was palpable, and the bidding escalated quickly.

The Result

In a remarkable turn of events, the property sold for over $60,000—far exceeding the initial assessment of just under $14,000. This outcome was a testament to the power of effective marketing and the latent potential of the property itself.

The Impact

This auction was one of the most active and exciting we've had in quite some time. It not only provided the sellers with a significant return on their property but also reinforced our belief in the value of strategic marketing and the importance of auctions in the real estate market.


The sale of 90 McArthur Drive in Blackstone is a perfect example of how a well-executed plan can yield extraordinary results. For the out-of-town sellers, it was a seamless and profitable experience. For us, it was a thrilling auction that showcased our ability to exceed expectations. If you have a property to sell, whether you're local or out of town, we're here to turn your real estate goals into reality.


Feel free to reach out to us for any of your real estate needs, and let us help you achieve similar success!

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