The Risks of FSBO vs. the Benefits of Selling with Double A Auction & Realty
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The Risks of FSBO vs. the Benefits of Selling with Double A Auction & Realty

Selling your property can be a significant financial event in your life, and choosing the right method for the sale is paramount. Many property owners are opting for the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) route, often using platforms like Facebook Marketplace. While this method may seem appealing due to perceived cost savings on commissions, it comes with several risks and downsides compared to selling via an established auction method with Double A Auction & Realty.

Downfalls and Risks of FSBO

1. Pricing Challenges: One of the most common pitfalls of FSBO is incorrectly pricing the property. Without the market knowledge and appraisal expertise that professionals bring, owners can either overprice or underprice their property. Overpricing leads to a stagnant listing, remaining unsold for long periods, which can be detrimental in a dynamic market. Underpricing, on the other hand, can cause the property to sell quickly but results in significant financial loss as the owner does not maximize the property's potential value.

2. Limited Exposure: Selling on platforms like Facebook Marketplace limits the exposure of your property primarily to local or casual browsers who may not be serious buyers. This reduced reach can significantly delay finding the right buyer, or fail to attract buyers willing to pay the best price.

3. Negotiation and Legal Risks: FSBO sellers often face challenges in negotiation due to emotional attachment to the property and a lack of experience in handling sales transactions. This scenario can lead to unfavorable deals. Additionally, the legal complexities involved in property transactions can overwhelm sellers who do not have a realty background, potentially leading to costly errors in contracts and agreements.

 Benefits of Selling with Double A Auction & Realty

1. Professional Pricing: Double A Auction & Realty provides professional appraisal and pricing strategies based on deep market analysis and expertise. This ensures that your property is neither underpriced nor overpriced, attracting serious buyers and achieving true market value.

2. Wide Exposure and Efficient Sale: Auctions create a sense of urgency among buyers and provide wide exposure to a pool of serious, pre-qualified buyers. This method not only speeds up the sale process but also often results in higher final sale prices due to the competitive bidding environment.

3. Expert Handling of Sale: From marketing to final negotiations and closing, Double A Auction & Realty handles all aspects of the property sale. This full-service approach alleviates the stress from the seller’s shoulders, ensuring a smooth and legally compliant transaction.

4. Avoiding Emotional Sale Pitfalls: Selling through an auction removes the direct negotiation pressures and emotional pitfalls typical of FSBO sales. The professional setting and competitive nature of an auction encourage buyers to value the property based on its merits and market dynamics, rather than exploiting seller vulnerabilities.


While selling your property by yourself on platforms like Facebook Marketplace might seem financially appealing initially, the risks and potential financial losses are considerable. Opting for an experienced auctioneer like Double A Auction & Realty not only maximizes your property’s value but also ensures a professional, efficient, and stress-free selling experience. In today’s market, leveraging the expertise of professionals is more crucial than ever.

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