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Reasons to Sell Your Home with the Auction Method; A Traditional REALTOR’s perspective

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The Auction Method for selling real estate is highlighted for its simplicity and effectiveness. It is a public sale where the highest bidder can win the property. Key benefits include attracting more buyers through increased visibility on MLS and other auction sites, efficiency in the selling process, true market valuation through competitive bidding, transparency, and elimination of price negotiation. The sale price is set by a reserve price, ensuring the seller's terms are met. Auctions bypass buyer contingencies, represent only the seller's interests, avoid seller commissions, and enable the sale of additional personal property. Sellers can still work with their trusted agents, maintaining familiarity and expertise in the process.

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Pre-Sale Appraisal? You better think twice


This blog examines the drawbacks and limited scenarios where a pre-listing appraisal might be beneficial for selling property. It highlights the financial cost, market volatility, redundancy due to buyer's lender requirements, potential for unrealistic price expectations, negotiation challenges, and the appraisal's lack of marketing focus. While acknowledging situations where an appraisal can aid in unique markets or price justification, it advises on the strategic importance of consulting real estate professionals to navigate the complexities of selling a home effectively.

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Avoiding Pitfalls: The Risks of DIY Estate Sales vs. Professional Online Auctions

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Embarking on an estate sale can be a daunting task, especially when you decide to sell your items independently. While the DIY approach may seem cost-effective, it often comes with a host of challenges and potential negative outcomes. In this blog, we'll explore the pitfalls of selling your items in an estate sale and why opting for a licensed auctioneer and online auction platform might be the superior alternative.

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