Is it really March? Almost April?
Ragan portfolio collage-2

So 2023 is rolling along! I thought I would update my blog, as it's time for the monthly post. Then I realized that I hadn't updated since OCTOBER! So things have been really busy. 

In 2022, I obtained my Virginia's broker license. It is an accomplishment I've been working on for a while. Double A Auction & Realty focuses on real estate. In Virginia, auctioneers can sell real estate at auction, but I am obtaining a traditional license for the company for a number of reasons. The main reason for this is to offer a broad and complete range of real estate marketing services in Virginia and beyond. 

This year, we have been super busy with real estate. We sold a warehouse in January, a single-family home in February, and TEN homes in March! We have a two more sales in April of commercial properties and an apartment investment property. These sales are from an estate situation, and we are handling the liquidation of these properties for the owners. Do you have property to sell? We can help! 

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