NAA Conference and Show 2018

After a long week in Hot and Soggy Jacksonville, FL, it's nice to be back on native soil here in Virginia. The annual NAA Conference and Show consists of rounds of education, a trade show, fundraisers, and recognitions for the auctioneers that give back to the profession and their communities. The Junior and International Auctioner Competitions are held and IJAC and IAC champions are named to represent the NAA for another year. And in the meantime, there are networking opportunities all over. Auctioneers love to get together and have fun, and the profession is very cohesive. Of course there are those that don't value trade associations, and that's okay. These folks tend to nonetheless network locally and regionally because auctioneers really can't stand to not gravitate to other auctioneers. 

I was able to attend the trade show and hang out in the BidWrangler booth and chat about BidWrangler and WaveBid and Level and the industry in general. I was fortunate to meet new folks literally from all over the world! From Portugal, England, South Africa, to Texas, California, and Minnesota. This profession is emblazoned with characters that are all very enthusiastic about auctions. 

The best benefit is the opportunity to see how others apply the auction method in their business. While success is hard to recreate, concepts can often be universally applicable and adaptable. Double A Auction & Realty will now focus on the monthly August Coin Auction - - and will have some big announcements in the real estate realm coming soon! 

If you're interested in discussing how we can help you and your situation, please don't be shy. Reach out via email or give me a call! 

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